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It's about a time to write new journal, since the last one was, uh, a bit old :'D.

Last time I wrote here some things has changed, like I had some new friends ( = pets). My love of life, Shakima the Africa giant millipede and little guy which hasn't been named. I did have Shakima just few months before she died (I think she was stressed 'cause I moved back to school). I miss her so much it really does hurt ;___;. I gave the little one to my school.

After some time I thought I need to fill my empty terrarium with something. At first I was going to wait for my summer vacation to start and then order centipede from Germany. I know it wouldn't bring Shakima back, and I needed more challenge, so this venomous little monster would be nice choice. But then things changed and before I even knew, I had male mouse with me. He has some kind of allergy (his face was almost hairless for scratching) and he's old (1½years), but I think that was the right reason to take him with me because otherwise he was going to put down by some student. Now the hair has been growing back, but there is still a lot of work for me, so he doesn't need to suffer and scratch himself over again.
So, now I'm living with two cats and hissing cockroaches, corn snake and mouse. And we may foster some kittens from our local animal shelter. Yay!

I think I don't make it in another school, so I called one of Lahti animal clinics if they need more animal attendants. I don't know if I had enough luck, but they invited me to come over for interview next monday. I'm so happy! Fingers crossed ;>

Uh, yes there were a few really good anime conventions, Desucon Frostbite and the legendary Desucon 2012. I had good time with cool people, but next time I really want to sleep. So no more sleepless night for me! ;>. In next month there will be Animecon, but I'm not sure if I am going or not. I really want to make costume, but I don't know..

Please enjoy and have a good summer!


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* Female
* 23 years old
* Clinic animal attendant
* Lives with two corn snakes, syrian hamster, male dorcus t. titanus and handful of different cockroaches

Things I like
- all kinds of animals, like mammals, reptiles, insects and amphibians.
- drawing, reading and photographing.
- some sports like running and walking, scuba diving and archery.
- roleplaying: live, forum, table, notebook - you name it!
- working in animal clinic (with best co-workers ever!)


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